Strategic Marketing

Let the world know what makes you special and grow your brand equity.

Connect people to your organisation, products and services through our strategic marketing insights and differentiated value propositions.

Market Intelligence and Data

High integrity market intelligence and research makes the difference in positioning your products and services and defining your go-to-market strategies. We work to strengthen your understanding of macro-market dynamics, market share, competitor positioning and customer demand for new and existing products. We produce macro-level, market overview documents, down to detailed competitor analysis, to enable fully informed market strategy.

Use our market intelligence to feed into onwards strategy development and road mapping or to define your marketing communications approaches and product positioning.


Brand Identity and Brand Strategy

Who are you? How do you want the world to see you?

Through facilitated workshops and engagements with key stakeholders, let us help unearth the unique DNA that defines your core values and image. Then, we’ll support and align development of your brand strategy with your long-term objectives and targets for business transformation and growth. scope, quality and cost requirements are met in relation to the deliverables provided by such parties.

Differentiated Value Propositions

At Oxford L & C, we believe that a clearly defined, unique value proposition is the foundation of effective product and services promotion. We design and facilitate workshops that bring together multi-discipline expertise to uncover the unique selling points of your products, services and technologies, and develop the groundwork for engaging market messaging. Our consultants and facilitators have diverse knowledge and skills, across technical, commercial and marketing communications, to bring together a full 360˚ understanding of your customers, services, technologies and markets.

Product and CampaigN STRUCTURING

We understand that products and services often grow organically, creating a challenge for presenting them to market in the best possible light. A logical marketing and product framework adds coherency to your offering, weight to key marketing communications and allows maximum delivery and penetration to your target audience. We work with you to scope and frame the ideal way to structure and present your products and services, either individually, as groups or as umbrella offerings.

Market Positioning and Ready to Sell

We’ll work closely with your team to explore, define and stress-test pricing strategies and market entry tactics. We can also help support onwards structuring and design of sales and commercial training for positive product launch.