Strategic Consultancy

We support you, every step of the way, to define your goals, frame your objectives, and set clear direction for your organisation, projects, products and technologies. Let us help you navigate for success in an uncertain world, using our suite of strategic and decision-making services.

Strategic Design and Road Mapping

Whether you are planning a new initiative, project or product, or perhaps just want to reaffirm your current strategic direction, having a clear view of the road ahead is fundamental to success.

We understand that every company, project and business initiative is unique. That’s why we take a bespoke approach every single time to fully understand your organization, goals and drivers and design a process that will deliver to your objectives. We then work with you to identify the best plays and creative solutions, using our expertise in decision analysis and strategic support.

We work at every scale and level of strategy planning, from the smallest projects and initiatives through to full business transformation. We have a deep level of understanding and expertise in the areas of energy and energy transition, allowing us to support accurate archetype mapping, identification of partnership and collaboration opportunities and development of decisive roadmaps for business transition and transformation.

Tired of one-hundred-page powerpoint presentations filled with beautiful but confusing information? Our experts develop succinct documents, which lay out a well-defined strategic path with clearly articulated supporting storylines, allowing you to quickly and easily gain full understanding, stakeholder alignment and buy-in.

Market Analysis

Good input data is often key to facilitating great strategy and robust decisions. We can produce market overview analysis and define addressable market sizes, to set context, identify key plays and provide strategic direction insight.


Correct framing of a new project or venture is critical to onwards implementation and efficiency. Our decision analysis experts are experienced in a full suite of techniques, workshop design and facilitation including:

  • High level objectives and goals framing
  • Options identification and morphological box analysis
  • Concept development
  • Options coarse screening, staged funneling and prioritization
  • Scenario and contingency planning
  • Risk based concept comparison and selection

From small initiatives to multi-billion dollar investments, we are highly skilled in supporting conceptual projects and product development, pulling together technical, cost, risk and qualitative data inputs in a structured way, to enable coherent and accurate decisions. We make sure that projects stay on track and resources are deployed on the most promising concepts, enabling you to strike right, the first time.


Business Risk Assessment and Management

While it can be tempting to select solutions based on cost alone, risk exposure is a key part of the equation. We tailor our approaches to fit the stage of your project or development initiative and deliver effective and efficient risk identification, evaluation and management. From high-level qualitative assessments to full quantitative analysis, our risk management consultants are skilled in identification and management of the complete range of development risk from technical through to cost, schedule, construction, operational, political, organisational and HSE. Our approaches always ensure a clear audit trail and rationale, robust risk allocation and clear risk mitigation plans, to accurately support investment decisions and onwards project implementation.

Deploy our risk management approaches as an integrated part of our strategic consultancy, alongside our suite of technical advisory or as a standalone support service.


Strategic Marketing and Brand Strategy

Creating high-impact, effective and successful brand identity, value propositions and marketing campaigns is determined by the strength of your strategic marketing. Let us help define your market positioning and key products and services structures.


Decision Quality, Process Development and Training

We offer services to retrospectively review decision documentation generated internally or by third parties, perform gap analysis and confirm decision quality. We can highlight any information gaps and areas for onwards work, to close out the decision analysis envelope and ensure robust strategic direction is achieved.

We also review, advise and develop internal processes, procedures and guidelines for stage-gate processes and early phase projects, to ensure that optimum decision quality is implemented in your organization on a day-to-day basis.

Want to upskill your staff in decision analysis, risk management and development planning? We offer engaging, interactive training programs, which support practical learning and long-term knowledge development. We offer both in-person and remote training, which can be tailored to your specific needs and audiences.