Legal, Contractual and Commercial Consultancy

We provide full chain, lifecycle services, from experienced legal, contracts and commercial specialists, who are able to work autonomously to provide high-caliber support and commercial excellence.

Our services perform across the functions of both traditional contract management and commercial contracts legal counsel. We refer to this complete offering as ‘Commercial Contracts Counsel’.

This service offering is tailored to remove current market ambiguities in relation to the aim of such services and the capabilities and experience of our personnel who provided them.

The following services can be performed by our consultants on a secondment, integrated or fully external basis. Our consultants are skilled at interfacing with other internal business functions and direction of external legal counsel to deliver to objectives.

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Our Commercial Contracts Counsel Services



Contract and tendering strategy

Time spent on correct strategic approach is always sound investment. We work hard to fully appreciate your business, supply chain and marketplace, allowing a robust strategy to be developed in advance of commercial negotiation and formal contract preparation.

Contract drafting, preparation and review

We use our extensive experience to understand your scope requirements and advise fit-for-purpose contractual terms. We aim to meet your business requirements without introducing irrelevant or unobtainable criteria or other contractual hurdles. We ensure that your needs are fully represented, providing intelligent risk management and mitigation measures.

We can prepare contracts from first principles or review documents already prepared by in-house teams or external counsel, advising on the practicality of proposed clauses from a commercial, implementation and enforcement perspective.

Contract interpretation

Do you have a contract from a supplier, customer or client? We support comprehensive review of third-party contractual terms and advise on risk implications for your business and appropriate negotiation and mitigation approaches.

Commercial negotiation and contract execution

We take a pragmatic approach to negotiation, advising on key battles and risks to result in win-win scenarios and successful contract execution.

We provide dedicated, highly experienced personnel, who commit to advising and supporting you throughout your negotiation process, regardless of duration or complexity. We are by your side, advocating your interests, persuading, advising, influencing, every step of the way. Our judgement is never clouded by conflicting interests, so you can rely on our advice as being independent and fully representative of your business position.

Once negotiations are successfully completed, we perform full final draft verification and contract execution services. If negotiations result in requests that require upper management or board approval, we will fully support you in the preparation and presentation of such applications.



Agreements often require extension, and circumstances often arise requiring various agreement modifications. We offer complete support services in preparing, negotiating and implementing post—signatory contract amendments and variations.


Disagreements often arise from commercial agreements, which if handled incorrectly can expand quickly, consuming valuable resources and damaging valuable relationships. We offer claims review and advice of a particularly commercial nature, such that we quickly narrow the issues and attempt to find a solution that will allow our clients to achieve the best practical results, and return focus on more productive things.

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Management of external legal services

Many clients will use external legal services for a range of activities including the activities outlined above. Although some law firms have excellent commercial teams, many clients experience mixed performance and value from law firms, often due to inadequate scope definition, lack of regular direction/supervision and variable commercial experience of the practitioners. Our personnel are experienced managers of such external services, and will ensure that our client’s scope, quality and cost requirements are met in relation to the deliverables provided by such parties.

Organizational & process advisory and training

  • Legal and commercial policies and procedures
  • Contracts and commercial organizational reviews
  • Contracts awareness training